Red alert: flood warning

Following the heavy rainfall on 17.5.2024, the "bad weather" assessment unit met several times under the chairmanship of the High Commission for National Protection.

Situation at 5.45pm:

The flood forecasting service is on alert. Risk of major flooding, causing overflows likely to have a significant impact on people and property, even in areas that are rarely flooded.

Significant danger on Friday 17.05.2024 and overnight until Saturday 18.05.2024.

On the Alzette, water levels have already exceeded the "early warning level" at the gauging stations in Hesperange, Pfaffenthal and Steinsel, and are expected to be exceeded this evening at the gauging stations in Mersch and Ettelbrück.

Current water levels and forecasts mean that the "alert level" will be exceeded from the afternoon in Pfaffenthal and Steinsel and from the evening in Hesperange and Mersch. Water levels throughout the Alzette will be very high.

Flooding is also expected in the Bettembourg area.

A flood bulletin and advice on how to behave are available on

Moderate to heavy rain is still expected across the country until late evening. Thereafter, the intensity of the precipitation will diminish and intermittent light rainfall will continue until early Saturday morning.

As a reminder, road traffic remains disrupted in the areas concerned and motorists are asked to adapt their driving and remain vigilant.

The assessment team is continuing to monitor developments in the situation.

The crisis unit will meet if necessary.

Press release by the High Commission for National Protection, Meteolux, the Water Management Agency (AGE) and the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Service (CGDIS)


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